Top 5 Differences Between The Tata Safari And Safari Adventure Edition

February 26, 2021
Posted by: UC

Tata Safari vs Tata Safari Adventure, the 5 differences that matters.

After third-generation Tata Safari, Tata motors announced the limited edition Safari Adventure. The Adventure is available only in XZ+ trim. While the Safari range begins from ₹ 14.69 lakhs, the limited edition is priced at ₹20.20 lakh (Ex-showroom). It comes with features that make you zero on it. Choosing between variants of Safari is a personal preference. It may be lifestyle or buck-value sentiment or otherwise. However, here we discuss five features that distinct both.

1.Tropical Mist Color

As the Tata insiders wish to call it  “Adventure, special persona edition”,  it justifies the name when it comes the Tropical mist color. It is a shiny green teal tint. The color is a mix of blue and green. Perhaps represents serene adventure amidst the path of endless greenery and skies.

2. Rugged Feel Finish

Adventure is little bulkier than the Safari, adding to this look is the brawny black finish in the grille headlamps, door handles, roof rails, and all along the cars exterior plating. It sort of boldens the vehicle’s outline.

3.  Wheels

The Safari Adventure is all about the embellished framing is perhaps an acceptable statement. Even the wheels which is the same dual-tone wheels from Safari gets an charcoal finish to achieve bold look.

4. Two-colored interiors

The cabin is set up in brown-black upholstery to give wood-like feeling. From the door handles, instrument panel, steering, parts get a constrast black. This again amplifies to the boldness of the car.

5. Price

Safari starts at Rs. 14.7 lakhs. While Safari XZ+ is Rs. 20 lakh. The Safari Adventure would cost you Rs 20000 more for the extra decor. Now, this is completely justified price, unlike Harrier Vs Safari. The manual version of Adventure costs you Rs.21. 45 lakh (Ex-Showroom).

so, here you had the 5 differences between Safari and Safari Adventure. Which is your pick?