The New Ford Ecosport SE Review 2021: Has it got better?

March 15, 2021
Posted by: UC

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ecosport se

Ford Ecosport :The compact SUV specialist

Ford Ecosport is one of the best sellers in the hot selling SUV sector. With the ‘Same but different’ campaign, the SUV’s new variant Ecosport SE grabbed people’s attention. So, is it really different? Is it clearly better than normal Ecosport? Well, read and know before. First of fall Ecosport itself has got an upgrade in 2021. All of it is discussed below.

Exterior and Interior

The all new Ford Ecosport SE variant, a mid-spec one has a a dual-toned rear bumper with metallic grey applique. The variant has retained the bold grille design and rides on 16-inch alloy wheels.

Apart rom that the EcoSport SE gets a sunroof and also comes with a tyrepuncture kit that will enable the owners to repair tyre damage within minutes without removing the tyre from its slot.

The Ecosport SE has also got a SYNC 3 version infotainment system which is compatible with Apple and Android as well. Also, you have the Ford Pass, a one-stop smartphone app which caters to the needs of customers. With an exclusive cloud based device, EcoSport owners can perform several vehicle operations like starting, stopping, locking or unlocking remotely, via the Ford Pass app. This IoT feature in compact SUV is really exciting. What makes SE different over the premium Titanium Ecosport is that, it doesn’t have a sparing wheel.



The Ford Ecosport SE variant is has a reliable 1.5-litre, three-cylinder TiVCT petrol engine which produces 119bhp of power and 149Nm of torque. This is the same  one as the Ecosport engine, so performance wise you wouldn’t have a outright difference. The 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine generates 97bhp and a peak torque of 215Nm. Both the engine options come with a 5 speed manual transmission.


It is more or less the space. As pointed out before, you don’t get a sparing wheel. You get a tyre puncture kit, TPMS, and Tubeless tyres.  It is in accordance to Central Motor Vehicle Rules.

Price, Mileage, Verdict!

Well, the Ford Ecosport SE is Rs. 50000 costlier than Ecosport Titanium.  The mileage is same as you have the same engine: 15.9 petrol and 21.9 in diesel. Ecosport SE is RS 1049000 for petrol while Ecosport SE diesel is Rs.1099000. (As per Ford’s official site)

We felt Ford missed the chance  to increase the rear space if at all they had ever tauught about it.

Overall, TPMS and no wheel are additional features with a grille in the back just to show the difference. If you  love the no spare wheel you can surely go the SE, else if you think about price, you can comfortably stay with Titanium.