Reasons Why Electric Cars Are The Future

February 24, 2021
Posted by: UC
Reasons Why Electric Cars Are The Future

Since, electric cars are an important shift from fossil fuels to sustainable for cleaner transport, they have become increasingly common sight on our nation’s roadways. These are now not just personal passenger cars but electric school buses, transit buses and even trucks are ready to hit the road.The average cost of charging up an electric car is around 35p per kW rapid charging point. It could be as low as 12p with off-peak cheaper electricity at home. Keeping in mind, the drastic benefits from electric cars, the auto industry is going through a dramatic progressions.  Even buyers have become more  environmentally conscious today.The benefits of EVs have been noticed by governments not only in India but all over the world.

Reasons Why Electric Cars Are The Future

What exactly is an Electric Car?

Electric Cars are the one that powers up the wheels by using an electric motor. This power comes from a battery which is a stored energy. Just like your smartphone or any other battery device, you need to charge up the battery from an electricity supply whenever it is low.

Electric cars also known as EVs are increasingly popular and manufacturers are bringing out new models to satisfy growing demand:

  • The Honda ev is a super-cool 100% Electric urban vehicle.

  • Kia are leaders in Electric Cars with the Soul EV and the eNiro.

  • The Renault ZOE is a pioneer on European roads.

Electric vehicles fall into three main categories:

  • Battery electric vehicles are powered by electricity stored in a battery pack.

  • Plug-in hybrids combine a gasoline or diesel engine with an electric motor and large rechargeable battery.

  • Fuel cell vehicles split electrons from hydrogen molecules to produce electricity to run the motor.

Reasons Why Electric Cars Are The Future

Smaller carbon footprint

The electricity that charges and fuels battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is derived from power grids, which basically depends on a range of sources. This is done to clean renewable energy. The energy grids varies from one state to another i.e.  the carbon footprint of driving an electric vehicle ranges depends on the source of its electricity. Electric vehicles are known to be more efficient in converting energy to power cars and trucks. The electricity across the board is considered to be more cleaner and cheaper as a fuel for vehicles, even when that electricity comes from the dirtiest grid.

High range mileage

One of the thing that has been a common worry for the owners of EVs is the mileage. This was true with older EVs as they actually did not have much range. Moreover, they took hours to charge. With modern cars like the MG ZS EV that comfortably offer a range of 260km in one charge and 80 percent battery charge in just 40mins, proves how efficient electric cars have become.

Cheaper than your regular fuel cars

Many people are under the illusion that maintaining Evs cost much more than regular fuel cars. This is actually not true. They are not only cheaper to maintain but are cheaper to run as well. As per the studies, an average maintenance cost for an EV can be around 50 percent cheaper as compared to regular cars. Fuel saving on EVs can be in the region of 70-75 percent when compared to fossil fuel cars.

High-tech technology leading to falling cost of batteries

With advancement in technology and constant efforts of government offering subsidies and battery technology getting cheaper, it is only a matter of time before there is an EV of every price range. Currently, EVs cost between Rs 20 lakh-25 lakh in India, which is not a high price to pay given EVs like the MG ZS EV come with sophisticated technology that rival German carmakers.

Driving experience

The comfortable driving position along with excellent visibility makes driving an EVs a breeze. In compact town or around countrysides, it offers a serene and calming experience. There is even a virtual motor sound designed to warn pedestrians of your presence. When you drive on a wide open road, you will get more than enough power for fast and smooth acceleration.

Zero emissions motoring

The best reason of all to buy an Electric Car in 2021 is zero emissions. In towns and cities, the fact that EVs don’t produce any emissions will help to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.