March 3, 2021
Posted by: UC

What is like to have and Mahindra Thar in your garage

Mahindra Thar is one of those car you buy out of sheer interest. It is not a car which you drive to your office or take for a long drive. It is rather different. Here, we have given you the  pros and cons of the Mahindra Thar.

Pros Of Thar


Perhaps there are only very few cars which can conquer any terrain with all flair and savviness. And Mahindra Thar definitely, tops the list. And, let’s not forget the cost at which you buy a Thar and maintain it for years.

We don’t see of Jeeps that have audacity to compete with Thar let alone win. With off-road tyres Thar will look bigger than other big SUVs too.


Thar is one of those cars which people would love to take a second or third glance at. The new upgraded Thar is making it even more worth. The sharp corners have been smoothened, it looks magnanimous. At the same time, take a glance at interiors to find that it has become more clement towards passengers. Also, it has got a differential lock.


Rarely people Thar’s interiors. But now withthe latest upgraded, Mahindra had finally heard what people expect. The steering wheel, glove box, power sockets and (relatively) decent seats will really surprise you so much if you have been following previous versions of the Thar.


This Thar is by far the best one, in terms of engine. the 2 litre petrol engine produces 150 PS and 320 Nm torque and has an automatic torque converter gearbox. We were impressed by its ‘quite pleasant’  nature. It smoother than ever before!


Thar is more than a car or jeep which serves you. It is a companion, a friend with whom you can have a very long-term relationship. Besides, you have so much options in terms of customizations: locks, suspension lifts, bumpers and what not, the option is endless.



Cons of Thar


The car is indeed less practical. The rear seats are have very less foot space let alone comfort. There are no rear door you have a door ion the end instead. Most of all, the boot space has nothing to offer. It is just 60 odd litres.


You might have to wait for as much as a year to get your Thar. Now, this is too much long of a wait. Even the earliest car to get will take 6 months. Moreover, there would be hikes of prices in between which can some customers bitter.


7.5 to 9 kmpl is the mileage you get with this car. Now, this is quite poor than to satiate a long ride.


We did say interiors got better. But listen, the interior is still not the one expected. This interior may fascinate a person from the 1950s. You at least expect good seats which is not there at all. there is still miles to cover in terms of interiors.


You cannot cruise as you please. It is very difficult to ride the car. The best speed you can go is 100-110 km/hr. Even otherwise, it is not a car that will let you take more control.


Overall, the car would be great car if you really want to own it for some reason. It is priced between 12.12 -17.45 lakh(Ex-showroom). Not that expensive to buy and maintain at all. It belongs to a different league so we need not worry about pricing or other comparsions. This is a car which cannot be forced on anybody. If you want a Thar you still can own one! As it is very unique, cheap and a pure off-runner.