Jaguar I Pace Review and More

March 8, 2021
Posted by: UC

All you need to know about Jaguar I Pace

In a nutshell

When the Germans automakers who are known for making the best cars that can cruise like a emperor’s fully furnished ship, they had electrophobia. That’s the reason why they never took electric vehicles as seriously. they thought that EV vehicles are not here to stay. but when Tesla made a statement, even then the were not rushing behind to match. Rather, the whole of German auto industry was into the jogging bandwagon to research on EVs.

Now, why was the story told to you? Because, Jaguar was finally able to pose rivalry for Tesla’s premium SUV with its first fully electric SUV, the I Pace. It is all set to launch in India on March 23rd.

This shall bring in a big change as far as electric cars are concerned.

Engine and Drive

What is like to drive an I Pace? Well, the same like other electric cars. As electric cars proliferate, this aspect will be a growing concern. You have very little to answer the ”how was your drive?” question. The next leap would be developing individual experiences in terms of EVs are concerned.

Now, we really would love to take a drive in the car.  You can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in a matter of just 4.6 seconds. You got love the EVs for no fuss acceleration.

Being a family car, it has a very powerful design. It has got a 2 electric motors to ensure a permanent all wheel drive which produces 399 hp and 695 Nm torque. It has a range of 479 kms.

Charging with home charger shall take 10 hours while a t 100 kW Dc supply it will take 45 minutes.

i pace

 Looks, interiors and comfort

You would probably thing note sedan is coming when you have a look the I Pace from the front or little side. There is flowing waistline to deceive us. When it passes close you realize that this looks like a hatchback. But one cannot put it into any hierarchy without getting confused. the reason is it offers your more cargo and space: a damn high 656 boot space can take so much for load.

With interiors you never feel like you are into an EV unlike Tesla. Jaguar still remains true to its old textbook for interiors. You have screens, hidden space centre console and supremely spacious cabin. You can opt between sports seats an performance seats as per your needs. For better insulation, I Pace offer acoustic laminated glasses. Also, pre-set the temperature of your cabin using your phone. You also have popular staples like wireless charging.

In short, the I Pace is not an EV which looks like a tech nerd. This is an advantage. It remains true to what we’ve seen before.


The Jaguar I Pace is expected to be priced at Rs 1 – 1.2 Cr. This can be a costly venture, especially with very less electric stations. The price factor shall be a limit to the number of customers who wants to own the car. Apart, people still do have the range anxiety about  EVs. But, let’s hope that the car does well as a premium SUV. IT is also important because Tesla is ready to arrive anytime soon.


The I Pace is the old school which has got well electrified. Jaquar taking the responsibility to foray into something that was less known before is a bold move that needs a ovation. It has shown his loafer friends a way forward. Perhaps, this endeavor has come out so very well that it would encourage other automakers to take up the restraint to build EVs that functions like a normal vehicle.