Hyundai Nexo: Price, Features, Specification and More

February 26, 2021
Posted by: UC

The only Hydrogen fueled SUV, Hyundai Nexo, of the year is coming. Full details below.

Well not often you find an SUV with an engine alternative to both petroleum and electric engines. Perhaps the only hydrogen fuel SUV in 2021. And it is a great one with a lot of features too. But the problem is the hydrogen fuel infrastructure. As of now, only two prominent areas require infrastructure: Gurgram and Faridabad. Apart, Hyundai and the Ministry of New and Renewable energy  have promised  to support hydrogen fuel in Delhi.

The Hyundai Nexo gives you a range of  611 kilometres. It is expected to be launched in October 2021. Nexo comes with two trims: Blue and Limited. Limited has more luxurious features such as Extra-large sunroof, Ventilated seats, remote parking, blind spot view monitor, etc. We feel that the price of the Limited is justified for the features it provides.


The Nexo has got a proton exchange membrane worth 95 KWh of fuel cell and 40 KWh battery cell. It produces 161 hp power and 394.5 Nm torque. It takes around 9 secs to hit from 0 to 100 kmph. Not the quickest, but it is sufficiently fast enough. Lack of all-wheel drive system can be seen as a potential drawback. It may not be as exciting to drive but surely it is steady and is supplied with powerful brake system. 

Fuel consumption

Nexo gives nothing but practicality with anticipated fuel range of 611 kilometres although the WLTP fuel range is said tob 666 kms. It has a capacity of ~105 L that can be recharged in 5 minutes On the lucrative side the only emission is water and you have 5-year unlimited warranty too. But on the flip side, we don’t have a hydrogen bunks yet. Moreover, the cost and energy in hydro fuelled cars is criticed to be very high. 


The interiors are really spacious compared to its competitors. Five adults can comfortably occupy the seats. Now the best is that boot space is 461 liters. That is damn high! A mini house can fit inside in that huge cargo. The cabin is not similar to the other Hyundai models. It has got steering wheel with 2 spokes, digital instrument panel, push buttons for controls. Put together, the cabin is aptly ventilated.


Nexo comes with a 12.3’’ infotainment system. It supports both Auto and Carplay along with Hyundai Blue link app which gives remote headstart and fuel station locator. The Blue Link is complimentary for the first three years. Besides, it also has wireless charging and Krell premium sound system.


It is loaded with safety hallmarks like lane assistant, remote sensing, 360 degree camera, front collision avoidance,  blind spot monitor and so on. But however we should say thaat it hasn’t been crash tested yet by Europe’s NHTSA.


This may throw you a shock. It is expected that Hyundai Nexo shall be priced at starting price of Rs. 65 lakh. Is it worth it? May be not. Hydrogen fuel are costlier than EV too so they may not be sustainable option in terms of maintenance. Buy this car to add a hydrogen fuel car which may even become rare in future. Otherwise there is no reason as to why we should recommend this car.

To conclude

W would appreciate the effort of Hyundai to give a water-only emission SUV with class interiors and space. However, together the maintenance, fuel stations, cost, and performance doesn’t match together as well as it should. May be Hyundai should conduct deep research if they foresee a sense of efficiency and eco footprint with hydrogen fuel.

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