The New Mercedes AMG G Class 2021: Review and Price

March 8, 2021
Posted by: UC

The All new Mercedes Benz G Class is here. Read the review in the post below.

g class

G Class 2021: An Intro

Choosing Off-road vehicles can be as messy as off-road paths themselves. Especially if you are looking for the premium ones. The all the new  G Class is here to make an elite man’s off-road drive a sensation. There is something more special about G Class this time. The previous versions were like a uncontrollable monsters that needs an hard hand to  tame them. But, the new G Class is an experience miles apart in terms of drivability. You can take this one for a drive beyond just off-roads. No panics or worries about turning are moving fast. But you shouldn’t conclude this to be a Range Rover. It is just an upgraded MB G.

Ride experience

You have this 2-metre tall guy who weighs almost 2.5 tons to hits 0- 100 kmph in 4.5 seconds. He happens to be an off-roader too! Only Mercedes should reason why they have furnished the G Class with so much speed.

One of the pleasant things about G Class is that its engine. So powerful and brawny. The AMG V8 4 liter turbo engine produces 585 hp and peak torque of 850 Nm to catapult sheer off-road drives.

This new G Class is 170 kg lighter and 55 percent stiffer body.  You have a front suspension to give you the much needed grip. The ladder frame chassis does the job of better protection. You have a 9 speed TCT gearbox, high performance breaking system along with ride control to cruise better.


Inside the G

Cabin is an improvement. Period. You get extra knee elbow and leg room. We won’t certainly call it spacious. The thing is it better the previous model.

The cabin has more space but still experience wise the rear occupants have to bear a little fuss due to the height of the vehicle.

You get quite a lot of comfort with two over-11 inch screens, Burmester sound system with 15 speakers and modern infotainment system. True that the ladder-frame chassis eats up the room but still Mercedes has manufactured the comfort required. Going to boot space, it is quite small and may look inadequate. This has been a perpetual problem with other off-roaders as well.

Overall, G can most of  a comfort upgrade with nappa leather, modern infotainment system and reliable speakers.


The G Class is a premium off-rider priced minimum at Rs 1.62 crores. This can go up to Rs 2.42 crores. Now, the pricing is a disappointment. It is way too much for a car which gives like 6 kmpl on a average. It is too thirsty. Sure, it has got a grand upgrade. But G is not Range Rover.  That is what is putting a frown on our face. But, ask the AMG  G fans for a different story.


The G Class is one of the premium unique offerings of the Mercedes. Although it is true to its origins in terms of looks, it is a whole new thing in terms of drive experience, stability and much more. You can finally put in line (at least partly) with Range Rover. Overall, we are really happy about the big jump forward.