FASTags Mandatory at Toll Plazas: Else Pay Double

February 20, 2021
Posted by: UC

Now FASTags have become mandatory thing. Complete news below.

The government has been insisting on FASTags for more than 2 years now.  Now to make it compulsory, vehicles without FASTags shall be asked to pay double the toll charge.

In a very strict move to decongest queues in toll plazas, The Ministry of Road and Transportation has mandated the following:

  • All lanes will become FASTag lanes
  • Vehicles without FASTag or with faulty ones shall be penalised by double the charge of original toll price
  • FASTag fitment is mandatory of all the vehicles with cars and commerical vehicles with 4 or more wheels

FASTag, the Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) sticker was first proposed in 2014. It came in to being from 2019. Now it has become a mandatory product for every highway commutator. In highways, the toll plazas will have devices to deduct prepaid amount from your FASTag account. You can recharge it through simple net banking.

FASTags amidst COVID has been a boon. It has enabled a completely contact less system. Moreover, it saves a heck of time for everybody. Vanished are the days where we have wait in the long boring queues for hours during festive seasons. Got a feel for local food vendors for have to convince a fast moving queue to buy fruits/snacks from them. Whatever, FAStags are welcomed by many for it saves time and it also increases the payment transparency of toll plazas are everything is electronically recorded. Government shall know the exact amount of collection at every plaza.

One FASTag sticker has validity of 5 years. Many dealers sell FASTags near Highways. These cost around Rs. 300. Besides, many banks and e-wallets do give offers like cashback, discounts, rewards, scratch cards and points for FASTags. The offers may cover charge of one or two tolls.


  1. Vist your bank with ID proof and fill the details necessary and upload the same.
  2. Pay the Fee. It depends on the type of your vehicle
  3. A copy of the receipt will be sent to you
  4. Note down the reference number
  5. After verification, avail your FASTag from the bank