Buyers Guide To Buy An Ideal Used Car in India

March 2, 2021
Posted by: UC

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India’s used car value is estimated at $24.24 USD and is forecasted to grow at a rate of 15.12% CAGR from 2018 – 2025. The used car market crossed 4 million in 2018. Apart, the organized sector has propelled as well.  As a result many platforms like Unicorn Cars, Car24 and Car Dekho have emerged successfully.

If you are looking to buy used cars then you are in the right place. Here is a simple and short guide on how to buy used cars in India.

Why should you buy used cars?

  1.  Affordable
  2. Lower deprecation: A good pre-owned car doesn’t depreciate like a new car. Moreover, you will fussed about scratches or marks on the car.
  3. Reliable: Used cars can be a great companion.
  4. Dream come true: You would have a dream of buying luxury cars , then you can realize it at 1/3 of the original price

Certified Vs Non-certified Cars

Following the trend, many online platforms to buy used cars have emerged. Be it Unicorn Cars or Mahindra First Wheels or many such platforms, they compete in the industry to give best quality used cars to the customers. Due to high competition, you shall get lot of benfits as a customer.

Few years ago, the used car industry was unorganized sector as result the service quality was very poor. But, now not any more. You can get the same feeling of buying a brand new car!

Prefer certified network because:

  • Thoroughly verified car
  • Legal Paperwork
  • Warranty

Like all things, certified network comes with flipsides too. You cannot bargain and buy a car that makes you feel it is definitely worth every rupee you spend. But, this shouldn’t be a big problem as it offers a trouble free choice. So, yes we recommend you to go for certified network of dealers unless you know a trustable dealer or owner.

Car purchase: Where to begin?

Select a car that suits you: It is important to choose a car that shall be worthy to fulfil your personal needs. Go on the internet, do a proper research work and decide a car. See factors like mileage, engine power, comparsion and a lot more. Importantly, look for depreceation. Some cars may behave like bootless boxes overt time. So, consider all those factors and have options as well.

Explore the network: It is vital to explore all possible buying options available. Be it a verified dealer or an local dealer or an online platform or direct owner, first explore them. Sometimes, you may get the best from an unexpected place. Hence consider all the options. Check them out by yourselves. At first place, do an enquiry. Don’t get allured by their offers. Have options then zero on one.

Know the complete details:  To begin first, request for all the details including tax clearance and pollution certificate. Gain knowledge about complete details of the car: how it came to the market, who owned it, what are legal documents attached with it, and so on. Don’t hesitate to say no.

Test Drive: Test drive the car by yourself to see how do you like it. Make sure the engine, steering and gearbox provide the comfort you want. Scrutinize the interiors and exteriors of the car. If you find any thing which require a maintenance upgrade, make sure you bargain the price.


used car

Things to be noted

  1. Check for relevant documents. Ideally a 3-5 year old car can be of good value. Verify the year of manufacture with the odometer. Ensure that the odometer is not tampered.
  2. Accelerate the engine to check the exhaust color. A good engine shouldn’t emit black or blue gases.
  3. Check out the tyres, leaks and oil spouts. Bargain if it is not satisfactory.
  4. Open the bonnet and see the battery condition of the car. Acid or tear marks mean the battery is almost worn out. You have strike a bargain if that is the case.
  5. Check the cabin consoles , handles, door handles, boot door to ensure that everything is in fine condition.
  6. Make sure the info system is working well along with AC and other instruments and lights