All-Electric Macan is officially set to join the Porsche family. Details inside.


The all new, next gen Macan is here. Let’s see the key points first:

  • It will be produced at Porsche’s Leipzig plant

  • Shares foundation structure with Audi Q6 e-Tron

Since last year, there were several speculations raised after a new model which was in its research stages were post in the official Porsche gallery and deleted. To be fair, the wait was long since 2018. Now, its over! Its official.

The latest version is joining its brother Taycan by 2022. Porsche over the last few years, has revealed its ambitious goals to become all-electric. The team has decided to work on making 80% of its vehicles electric by 2030. Last year, 17% of its produces were electricified (atleastd partially). Also, another aspect is the to assure profits to the distributors. Many distributors have faced losses due to regulations. The CFO of Porsche, Lutz says that they will come out with profitable and sustainable models. And is very confident about Macan’s acceptance.

As far as the all new model is concerned it is in its final stages of going completely Co2 neutral. It is crucial to get it right because the engine model will be the blueprint going into the future. So, we can expect delays! However, news from Leipzig is that the development is progressing at right pace. Widley popular Audi Q6 e-Tron underpinnings will make Macan a potential contestant.

As far as Porsche Macan is concerned it is all about the smooth ride and sound. The turbo powered GTS engines offered beyond class. ALso, the engine sound was a music by itself. Just like Mercedes, will Porsche mandate on the sound during design? Apart, Macan lovers will not like surprises with looks. Another challenge is, this fueled Porsche beauty is priced around Rs. 70 lakh. It should frankly be tough for keeping a similar price tag.

One has to wait and see what does the All-electric Macan holds!