BMW X7 Review

February 26, 2021
Posted by: UC

BMW X7 complete review here.

X7 is BMW’s solution to Mercedes GLS and Range Rover. The full dimension 5.1x2x1.8 (all in meters) makes X7 look massive. Mind you it no stretched version of X. You see the front grille and can conclude this is different thing all together. it is very big bonnet line, close to Rolls Royce. The supple front and rear lamps are another attractive thing in the X7.


When we talk about interiors is you have a sense of freedom in terms of space. Even the 3rd row feels breathable unlike the X5’s optional 3rd row. X7 also offers 326 liters boot space excluding 3rd row. So it pretty much sounds reasonable about seating and cargo capacity. But what is unimpressive is that in spite of having huge rear door, you cannot get into the third row easily. May be a variation in folding mechanisms would have helped. Apart that every other feature for the 3rd row is very comfortable and appreciable. You have moon roof lighting and five-zone climate control. In terms odf storage to the cup holders are temperature controlled .So overall a spacious foray to venture.

Now the front passenger seat is 20 way adjustable. So, it is nothing less than a massage cushion. With premium leather it could be all the more comforting. However, we were impressed by the X7’s rear seats. They are not like normal rear seats; rather they are heavy-knit to give first-rate feeling. How would it be if you go to a premium furniture shop and sit in the costliest seats? Divine moment. The same can be felt with the rear. With all due respect to the massaging passenger seat, the rear is very soothing.

Coming to connectivity you have 10.23′ screen obviously with all remote amenities. We fee 10 inch is a bit too small relatively. You also have 5 charge outlets worth 12 v. Even in the third row there is a charger pin which is a good thing. In terms of connectivity BMW designer haven’t done much to impressive. Kept it simple and to the normal standards.

Drive Experience

The drive experience can be overwhelming due to its massive weight. Almost 2460 kg is no small thing. But with that majestic size the M50d can 0-100kmph in a matter of 6 seconds. Now that is impressssive! Charge this royal beauty is a 6-cylinder 4-valved 3.0 L engine. The other 2 variants churn out 0-100 kmph in around 7 seconds. In terms of ride quality it gives the best. The X7 offers max torque of 610 Nm and 265 hp output. On top of it your have 8-speed gear. The speed at which the engine take off you get to feel the pull back. Despite the mighty power, it commands a excellent job in terms of drive experience. You feel like you  have been launched into space when you increase its speed. At twists and turns sometimes may feel little stiff but still better than Mercedes GLS. The reason is that you got to understand this a heavy colossal. So your consciousness will also not let be lethargic at turns. You may find it difficult to park because it is a true giant but however, you would do take pride in it supreme quality.

In terms of suspension X7 delivers in style. 2-axle air suspension and all-wheel drive along with 21” wheels can cruise along any road very easily.  You have electronic power assistant to assist you. After all BMW is known for giving the best sport drive experience.

Least impressive things

Now that we have talked about spacious and comfortable experience, the flip side is on cards next. So, we felt the infotainment system was too small with vehicles under 15 lakhs getting 20” system. BMW could’ve done better job with infotainment system. However, GLS seem to give a better overall package though X7 outweighs it in terms of space. the former offer better ventilation, 2 extra air bags, etc. Another least impressive thing is that the car is too clumsy for a city drive considering the length and width of it.


The 30d variant of X7 is available at Rs 98.9 lakh (Ex-showroom price). Whereas the Signature and M50 d variant are priced at Rs 1.4  and Rs1.8 crores respectively. The immediate rival is a around a lack more but with extra features.

BMW X7 gives an alternative to the leaders in the segment GlS and Range Rover. Definitely, people won’t flock into showrooms for buying this. Elite customers who think BMW SUV would be a great addition can buy it without a second thought.

Our sector-wise rating for this handsome beast

Space and Comfort 95out of 100 points
Infotainment and Connectivity 84out of 100 points
Exterior 93out of 100 points
Drive Experience 96out of 100 points

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